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A car is a valuable asset for its owner yet it is impossible to keep it stored securely 100% of all the time. Scratches, stone chips, minor dents can spoil the outlook of your car. Now there is a great solution to protect your car's paint. There are many ways to call it : chip guard, stone guard, scothguard, clear bra. In fact this method means applying a layer of thick yet optically invisible clear protective film on the most vulnerable parts of your car: hood, morrors, bumper, fenders, side skirts etc.

See how an inexpensive and fast solution can really help to preserve your car's immaculate outlook.

Probably everyone noticed that all new cars have clear protective decals. In most cases they are applied right in front of your rear wheels. They are doing the tough job of protecting a car's paint from scratches and stone chips.
But are these areas behind the back doors really the most vulnerable parts of your car? And are they the only ones? What about fenders, bumpers mirrors, side skirts and hoods? All this parts get scratched really easily affecting the
resale value of your car and it's look.

We have a solution to protect your car and get yourself some piece of mind. offers advanced paint protection systems from 3M and Oracal.

To make it simple, we apply a specially designed set of clear protective vinyl decals to the areas of your vehicle where scratches, dents and chips happen in most cases.


Things to know about the "clear bra" paint protection:

  • We use the same materials that are used by the car manufacturer.
  • The paint protection vinyl is optically clear so it doesn't affect the look of your car.
  • The chip guard protection vinyl can be removed without leaving any damage for the paint.
  • "Clear bra" gives protection against most scratches, stone chips and even minor dents.
  • The protection vinyl can be installed by the car owner but we strongly suggest our installation services because we give you comprehensive 1 year warranty.
  • Our installers are 3M certified. We work for the dealerships providing paint protection for brand new cars. Your car is safe with the professional services from


* These prices will be valid for 90% of all car models however for some vehicles slight variations are possible. These prices can be used as a guide but can't be considered a quote. Please contact us to get a quote.

** Paint protection comes not only in these 3 packages. We can cover almost every part of the car body on your request.

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