Trim and partial wraps

Trim wraps

trim and partial wraps in toronto

There is more than a few ways to customize a car. Of course we believe that doing a chrome wrap is probably the easiest way to add some bling to a Lamborghini. But what if you don't want to go with a full wrap? There is a number of reasons not to. May be it is too expensive, may be you like the original colour of your car, may be you just want to add some accents to make the car look more cool than what it is now.

No one can help you better with this than Custom Wraps!

Here is just a few ways to customize a car without doing a full wrap.


One or several panels wrap.

We can wrap just the hood or just the roof of a vehicle in matte black, carbon fiber or any other colour and it can totally change the way the car looks.

It is fairly cheap (starting at just 180$ for a car's element) and takes just around an hour for example for a hood.

A very popular option right now is the roof wrap in high gloss vinyl to imitate the sun roof. Looks really great on almost any car.


Trim colour change.

At first it seemed to be quite weird but now it is becoming more and more popular to "de-chrome" a car. This involves blacking out every chrome trim piece on a car by wrapping it in gloss or matte black vinyl. On most cars it adds a predator look to the vehicle.

 We can remove most chrome pieces from the car and wrap them in such a way that it looks like they were painted.

Chrome black out starts at 280$ for a coupe.


Two-tone wraps.

For sure you saw two colour paint jobs on custom hot rods and spot cars. Some cars like Rolls Roys come from the factory done in two colours.

On many cars you can get an amazing look by wrapping the upper part only in a different colour (most commonly black).


Racing stripes.

Some cars like Mustang just call for some custom racing stripes done! We can do almost any colour and any configuration racing stripes for almost any car starting at 350$+tax for a set.



Do you have any ideas on customizing your car? We are ready to listen and bring them into life.

Give us a call or fill in the quote request form to get started!



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