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8 Questions to ask when shopping for a vehicle wrap

How to make the right choice of a wrap company

Few facts. Vehicle wrap industry is booming. More companies include having their vehicles branded in the must-have list and more people are looking into adding some personality into their car by doing a colour change wrap. Think about it, major manufacturers of wrap vinyl have more than doubled the choice of colours just within the last 2 years. Why? Because everyone wants it!

Here comes the problem. Only industry specialists really have an understanding of how the whole process works. An average customer saw a couple of Youtube videos and is facing an interesting dilemma on how to choose a supplier for a car or truck wrap.

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Full car colour change wrap

Full colour change wrap in Toronto


The latest trend in full body wraps is full colour change of a car. If several years ago it was more of an expensive novelty, today the big leap made by the wrap vinyl producing companies made it possible to talk about changing your vehicle's colour as of something quite ordinary. We can offer a selection of more than a hundred different colours including gloss, matte, metallic, carbon fiber even chrome and chameleon.

What's more important, we can do a full wrap of your car professionally, with a warranty and in just 1 or 2 days.

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Matte black wrap

matte black wrap toronto

During the last few years there have been several vehicle wraps types that were gaining popularity very fast. The leading of them is for sure the matte black wrap. Undoutfully great looking and catching a lot of attention a car wrapped in matte black always stands out yet retaining high style.

Matte black is probably the only wrap that is very often applied to  luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, Laborghini, Lexus and Maserati. It is probably the most challenging but at the same time most spectacular type of wrap that does.

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Camouflage wrap in Toronto

Camo wrap in Toronto and GTA

If you are a pro hunter, fisherman or just spend a lot of times outdoors and like to blend in with the surrounding nature we can offer you a full camouflage wrap of any type of vehicle.

Trucks, cars, ATV's, off-road vehicles camo wrap will also protect your paint from scratches that are so easy to get in the wild.

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Things not to wrap

What vehicles can't be wrapped

For the last 3 or so years we’ve been enjoying top positions in Google search for pretty much any wrap related request. This is good for business, not so good for mental well-being. The amount of requests we are getting every day is insane. One problem is that around half of them is for jobs that can’t or shouldn’t be done.

Yes, at Custom Wraps we can afford to be choosers and not to jump on anything that flies by. Many quote requests get a polite rejection. Because I am so tired of sending those, I have decided to summarize what exactly can’t be wrapped. At least at our shop.

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