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For over 10 years we are providing exceptional quality commercial graphics, colour change and paint protection car wraps in Toronto.


Looking for the best Toronto car wrapping company?

The outburst in cars and trucks wraps popularity during the last years has led to many companies trying to get into this market. A lot of sign companies offer vehicle wraps as an item on their service list. Can they really provide the wrap services?

We don't think so. What makes us different from the competitors? Simple, our only expertise is PROFESSIONAL VEHICLE WRAPS. CustomWraps.ca is dedicated to bring perfection to every stage of a vehicle wrap: design, printing and laminating, graphics installation.  Unlike most competitors we don't wrap cars as a side business in printing or signage. This is why we are different.

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Photos and videos are better than a thousand words. Look through 100's of cars we've wrapped over the years!
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What colour do you want for your car?

Colour change wrap options

We use mainly 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl. here you can find all available colour options. They come in several main groups: gloss, satin, matte, colour flip, brushed metal, carbon fiber and chrome. 

3M 2080 series wrapping vinyl

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Being a total novelty just 3 years ago with only one car wrapped in silver chrome in Canada, now most of the people can say that they've spotted a shiny luxury car here and there at least once or twice. Chrome wraps are a hot topic now. This is probably the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd. One thing you should realize is that a chrome wrap is not an ordinary wrap at all. Having one is

From the perspective of someone who has been in the wrapping industry for over a decade I can say that the most time consuming, stressful and tricky stage of any commercial vehicle wrap project is the design stage. The main reason for this is that design is always is subject to personal taste preferences.  What one person can see as “bold”, the other sees as “tasteless”. Trying to get into your client’s head can be very time consuming and aggravating

Few facts. Vehicle wrap industry is booming. More companies include having their vehicles branded in the must-have list and more people are looking into adding some personality to their car by doing a colour change wrap. Think about it, major manufacturers of wrap vinyl have more than doubled the choice of colours just within the last 2 years. Why? Because everyone wants it! Here comes the problem. Only industry specialists really have an understanding of how the whole process

For a change, we decided to make a meaningful “About us” page. Too often it is neglected and filled with generic phrases. Not that it gives any chances that people will actually read it.

Ok, so here are few words about the company, business model and commitments.

Toronto car wrapping market is overcrowded. There are many companies and new emerge every year.

To get to where we are right now it

What exactly is car wrapping?

Wrapping is a process of applying special vinyl film on the painted surface of a vehicle. The vinyl can be either white with image printed on it and laminated on top or it can be manufactured colour change vinyl that comes in a variety of colours from the manufacturer. The vinyl has self adhesive layer that sticks to the surface. When heat is applied to the film, it can be stretched and conformed to

During the last few years there have been several vehicle wraps types that were gaining popularity very fast. The leading of them is for sure the matte black wrap. Undoutfully great looking and catching a lot of attention a car wrapped in matte black always stands out yet retaining high style.

Did you know that the actual "matte black" vinyl kis almost never used for these wraps now? There are better alternatives - Satin Black, matte and satin dark Grey,

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