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Automotive Ceramic Coating

What are the key benifits of Ceramic Coating?

    • Advanced UV Damage/Oxidation Prevention: Our coating effectively blocks UV rays, preventing the paint from fading and maintaining the car's lustrous appearance. This also applies to wrapped cars where UV light is actually the leading factor of vinyl detirioration over time.
    • Superior Hydrophobic Properties: Water beads and slides off effortlessly, significantly reducing water spots and making cleaning a breeze.
    • Enhanced Resistance to Chemicals: Protects against acidic contaminants, minimizing the risk of chemical stains and etching that can mar your vehicle's finish.
    • Gloss Amplification: The coating amplifies the depth and clarity of your car's paint, giving it a constant 'just-washed' look.
  • Custom Wraps is the place to get ceramic coating done:

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What is Ceramic Pro coating?

Custom Wraps proudly offers its Ceramic Coating services, an important step in preserving the aesthetic and structural integrity of your vehicle. As a Ceramic Pro certified installer, our expertise and dedication to quality set us apart in the automotive care industry.

In-Depth Understanding of Ceramic Coating: Ceramic Coating is more than a protective layer; it's an advanced shield that integrates with your car's paint. This liquid polymer, when applied, chemically bonds with the paint, forming a resilient and enduring layer. Unlike traditional protections like wax, Ceramic Coating establishes a permanent or semi-permanent bond, offering a long-term solution to protect your car's exterior.

Why Ceramic Pro is the leading brand: Ceramic Pro distinguishes itself with its industry-leading 9H hardness level. This ranking signifies the coating's extreme durability, which is unmatched by many other products. Ceramic Pro's coating is designed to only be removed through abrasion, a testament to its resilience, compared to other coatings that degrade over time.

Post-Application Transformation: Upon application, expect a transformation not just in appearance, with an enhanced glossy sheen, but also in functionality. The car becomes more resilient to environmental aggressors, simplifying maintenance and cleaning.


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Ceramic Pro products that we use

  • Ceramic Pro 9H: This is a highly durable protective coating that forms a permanent bond with surfaces, offering resistance against damaging contaminants. It's particularly known for its longevity and effectiveness in shielding paintwork.

  • Ceramic Pro Top Coat: Known for its superhydrophobic effect, this coating causes water and grime to bead up and roll off the surface, aiding in cleanliness and maintenance.

  • Ceramic Pro Sport: Typically used on surfaces already treated with Ceramic Pro 9H or Light, it refreshes their hydrophobic and UV-resistant properties.

  • Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper: Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this coating offers high heat resistance and superior chemical resistance, making it ideal for wheels and calipers.

  • Ceramic Pro Glass (Rain): This coating is specifically for glass surfaces, providing superhydrophobic effects that allow water to bead up and flow off effortlessly.

  • Ceramic Pro Leather: Aimed at preserving the factory look and feel of leather surfaces, this coating slows down aging and prevents contamination stains.

  • Ceramic Pro Plastic: This coating enhances the hydrophobic effect and wear resistance on plastic and rubber surfaces.

  • Ceramic Pro Textile: This product modifies the surface of textiles or suede, creating a barrier where liquids form beads and roll off, keeping the material dry.

  • Ceramic Pro Nano Primer: It's used to fill smaller scratches and increase the adhesion between substrates and coatings.

  • Ceramic Pro PPF/Vinyl: This protective coating is for polyurethane film and vinyl, offering contamination protection and reduced orange peel appearance.

Questions about Ceramic Coating

  • How long does ceramic coating last? Ceramic coating offers a long-lasting protective layer for your car. The durability can vary depending on the specific product used and the conditions it's exposed to. Typically, high-quality ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro can last anywhere from 5 years for Silver Package. However, with proper maintenance and care and Gold Package, ceramic coatings can even protect your vehicle for a lifetime.

  •  Is ceramic coating or paint protection film (PPF) better for your car? Both ceramic coating and PPF offer excellent protection, but they serve different purposes. Ceramic coating provides a hydrophobic surface, UV protection, and added gloss, enhancing your car's appearance and reducing the need for frequent washes. PPF, on the other hand, offers a thicker barrier that protects against physical impacts like rock chips and scratches. Ideally, using both in tandem provides comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

  •  Will ceramic coating protect against rock chips and scratches? While ceramic coating significantly enhances your car's paint durability, it is not designed to protect against more severe physical damage like deep scratches or rock chips. For such impacts, paint protection film (PPF) is a more suitable choice. Ceramic coating excels in protecting against minor scratches, chemical stains, UV rays, and enhancing the car's overall aesthetics.

  • Can I do ceramic coating on my car first and then wrap it or install PPF? NO! it is important to understand that ceramic coating makes the surface of your car extremely hydrophobic to repel liquids and chemicals. A feature of this effect is that nothing sticks to the surface. The adhesion level on newly applied ceramic pro car is so low that any film (vinyl or PPF) will start peeling right away and will never hold on the surface properly. 

    So please remember that Ceramic Coating should always be the last thing that you do your car if you are planning to wrap or install PPF on it. 
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