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Don't paint it - WRAP it!

Full colour change wraps in Toronto and GTA

Why are colour change wraps great?

    • Fast. It takes 8 to 30 hours to do a full colour change wrap depending on a car model and vinyl type. 2 days on average.
    •  Durable. Wrap vinyl is very strong. Snow and rain don't damage it.
    •  Safe. The wrap doesn't damage the OEM paint of the car and can be removed any time without problems
    • Look AMAZING! No car manyfacturer has as many colour and finish options as we! Your car will look incredible!

Tired of your car's boring factory colour?

The latest trend in full body wraps is full colour change of a car. If several years ago it was more of an expensive novelty, today the big leap made by the wrap vinyl producing companies made it possible to talk about changing your vehicle's colour as of something quite ordinary. We can offer a selection of more than 200 different colours including gloss, satin, matte, metallic, carbon fiber even chrome and colour flip.

What's more important, we can do a full wrap of your car professionally, with a warranty and in just  2-3 days.

Our preference when it comes to vinyl choice has always been 3M 2080 series. This is the best material available on the market to this day. Best quality, adhesion, durability. 
Also we use Avery Supreme Wrapping film

Best wrapping company in GTA award
Photos and videos are better than a thousand words. Look through 100's of cars we've wrapped over the years!
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Colour Change Photo Gallery

Colour Change Video Gallery

How much does a car wrap cost?

Pricing is individual and depends on several factors

We'll be honest: WRAPS ARE NOT CHEAP. Expensive materials, super qualified labour make the process pretty costly. It takes on average 2 full days to complete a colour change wrap. Some vinyl like colour flip, carbon fiber, brushed metalls and especially chrome are more expensive than the other. Type and shape of car influence how long it takes to complete a wrap. The easiest way to get an exact cost for you car wrap is to contact us. 

Small car wrap cost

(2-door coupe. Gloss, matte or Satin vinyl any colour)
from 2500$+tax

SUV wrap cost

(4-door medium or full size SUV. Gloss, matte or Satin vinyl any colour)
from 3500$+tax

What wrap vinyl will you pick for your car?

After extensive tests, years of experience and research we have limited the choice for wrap vinyl that we use only to 2 manufacturers - 3M and Avery.These materials are the most reliable performers on the market providing the best overall quality, durability, scratch and peeling resistance. 3M 2080 series has 7 years warranty, Avery - 5 years warranty. 

Please note that we don't deal with cheap knock off wrap vinyls like Vivid, KPMF, Tekwrap etc. You should also stay away from these products. 

Wrap vinyl comes in these main varieties:
gloss, satin, matte, colour flip, brushed metal, carbon fiber and chrome. 
3M 2080 series wrapping vinyl

3M 2080-series Wrap Vinyl



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Want to change the colour of your car?


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