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What makes us different?

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

When we started, there were 5 car wrap companies in Toronto. Now there is about 30. You can get a decent job at 3 of them, may be. 15 of them will be permanently closed in the next year. 20 more will open. So how much do you like your car for this type of gamble?

The outburst in cars and trucks wraps popularity during the last years has led to many companies trying to get into this market. A lot of sign companies offer vehicle wraps as an item on their service list. Can they really provide the wrap services?

We don't think so. What makes us different from the competitors? Simple, our only expertise is PROFESSIONAL VEHICLE WRAPS. CustomWraps.ca is dedicated to bring perfection to every stage of a vehicle wrap: design, printing and laminating, graphics installation. Unlike most competitors we don't wrap cars as a side business in printing or signage. This is why we are different.


Tremendous expertise

More than 10 years in wrapping business. Many 100's of cars wrapped. Meticulous approach based on constant training, using the best tools and materials.

The best installers in the GTA

We don't let rookies work with our clients' cars. All installers are certified and super experienced.

Value based, no-BS approach

We will honestly recommend only what we would use on our own cars and provide the service at an honest price. No sleazy sales tactics!

Squeaky clean reputation

After doing this for over 10 years we somehow are still getting only positive reviews on-line! Check us out on Facebook


The problem is that almost anyone with a large format printer can produce the graphics but this is pretty much it. A standard wrap consists of 3 main production stages: graphics layout, vinyl printing and lamination, wrap installation. Generally a sign company can do only the printing.

Designing graphics and preparing a layout for a wrap is extremely difficult. It requires a lot of understanding of the car body flow, knowledge of the application standards and access to special car body templates. In short, a wrap layout artist must have a lot of experience doing this particular job.

It becomes even trickier when it comes to installation. Regardless of how good the vinyl was prepared, an inexperienced installer can ruin everything in matter of minutes. The scary part is that applying a wrap means that an installer will be cutting vinyl on your car with a razor sharp knife. A little more pressure and the cuts are on your paint also. Things you can get as a "bonus" from a rookie are numerous: crooked and warped image pieces, not aligned graphics, wrinkles, bubbles, vinyl peeling off, vinyl tears etc. All this is so difficult to overlook when you are picking up your vehicle! Besides many things can pop up not right away but after several days or even weeks.

So when it comes to car and truck wraps we are absolutely convinced that a qualified installer is a key to success. Our installers have from 5 to 13 years experience in doing vehicle wraps. They are 3M preferred. This means that they had special training at 3M facilities and then had to passa rigorous 2 days testing. How easy is it to become a 3M preferred installer? Think about it, there are less than 10 of them in the whole GTA and for example our installer Alex Severin is the only 3M certified installer in Scarborough so far.

If you order a wrap from CUSTOMWRAPS.CA you can be 100% sure that:

  •  There will not be any cheap materials used.

  •  All technical bulletins, instructions and best practices will be followed

  •  No damage will be made to your car’s paint

  •  A comprehensive warranty will be given both on the materials and installation

  •  There will not be vinyl failures due to poor installation

We really came to the wrap market to be different and set the standards all the rest will follow. This is our mission!

Do you want a quality vehicle wrap at an honest price with great warranty?