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5 Things to know about chrome car wraps

Chrome car wraps

Chrome car wraps

Are you thinking about getting a chrome wrap?

Being a total novelty just 3 years ago with only one car wrapped in silver chrome in Canada, now most of the people can say that they've spotted a shiny luxury car here and there at least once or twice. Chrome wraps are a hot topic now. This is probably the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd.

One thing you should realize is that a chrome wrap is not an ordinary wrap at all. Having one is a big decision and most likely it will be a good idea for a show car but not for an every day vehicle.

 Here are a few things you should consider.

1. PRICE. Any chrome wrap is super expensive. It is 3-4 times more expensive than let's say a matte black wrap. The material costs a lot and the installation takes at least twice longer than any other vinyl. If you want the exact price, send us a quote request but let's put it this way, if your car costs less than 70,000$ probably chrome is not a good option for it.

2. INSTALLATION TECHNICAL SIDE. Chrome is not an easy wrapping vinyl to install. It is 3 times thicker than any other vinyl, it is less comfortable and it loses its colour when stretched too much. To make things worse it comes in 48" width compared to 60" standard width. What does it mean for a guy who wants to chrome wrap his Lambo? 48" is not enough to wrap a hood, roof or a side of the car in one piece. This means the material will have to be applied in 2 pieces with an overlapping seam. You can't see this in the photos or being 8' away from the car but up close it can be noticeable.

3.DURABILITY AND AFTERCARE. Manufacturer's warranty for matte black vinyl is 5 years, for chrome - 6 months. Chrome gets scratched pretty quick. There is a solution to solve it. We laminate chrome vinyl before applying it on the car with the same overlaminate used on printed vehicle wraps. Yet, it doesn't extend the warranty. One thing you should consider if the car is used for every day driving.

4. IS IT LEGAL? It is legal in Canada. But because there is no certain legislation regarding chrome wraps, you are having this wrap at your own risk. You might get a ticket for causing a distraction for other drivers. It won't last long in court because a shiny milk truck has more chrome on it. Still it is lost time and some frustration.

5. AESTHETICS.Chrome wraps are a novelty thing. What was considered cool for short few years some time ago now is being looked at as a display of bad taste. For us always this type of wraps was more for a show piece car rather than for one that you want to drive daily.

One thing you should seriously think about is that the distraction from driving a gold chrome Ferrari on a sunny day through downtown Toronto can easily be enough to cause a couple fender-benders.

So in short a chrome wrap is an attribute of the celebrity world, cool to have but you will have to adjust your driving most likely and get used to having your ride being photographed all the time.

Still want a chrome wrap?

Remember, it is ridiculously expensive and extremely fragile.