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Car PPF. Clear bra.

3M PRO paint protection film in Toronto

Key facts about 3M paint protection film

    • Industry standard. 3M barand PPF is used by almost all OEM car manufacturers.
    • Optically clear.  Car protection film doesn't affect the look of your car.
    • Removable. Unlike many other brands 3M Pro film can be removed without leaving any damage for the paint.
    • Super strong. Clear bra gives protection against most scratches, stone chips and even minor dents.
    • Long lasting. 3M Pro PPF has 10 years warranty against craking, bubbling and yellowing.
    • Self-healing. Minor scratches in the top coat will heal themselves in warm weather.  

We are a 3M certified PPF installation company.

Probably everyone noticed that all new cars have small clear protective decals. In most cases they are applied right in front of your rear wheels. They are doing the tough job of protecting a car's paint from scratches and stone chips.
A car is a valuable asset for its owner yet it is impossible to keep it stored securely 100% of all the time. Scratches, stone chips, minor dents can spoil the outlook of your car. Now there is a great solution to protect your car's paint. There are many ways to call it : Paint Protection Film, stone guard, chip guard, clear bra. In short this method involves applying a layer of thick yet optically invisible poliurethane clear protective film to the most vulnerable parts of your car: hood, morrors, bumper, fenders, side skirts etc. All this parts get scratched really easily affecting the looks and resale value of your car and it's look.

Chip Protection PPF installation
Visit our dedicated web-site about protective film for cars CHIPPROTECTION.COM (opens in new window)
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Official 3M CERTIFIED  Scotchgard Pro Installation company.
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3M Pro Paint Protection Film PRICING

3M Scotchgard PRO-series film used for all packages. Best quality, abrasion resistance. Self-healing

10 years material warranty. 1 year installation warranty.

3M trained and certified installers. Genuine 3M material only.

Precise car patterns are used for computer cut kits

* Please note that prices for PPF packages may vary from car to car depending on the size, complexity of contours etc. To get an exact price for your car please ask for a free quote.
** Custom coverage options for clear protection film are also available. We typically can add to packages but can't remove items.


Questions about Clear Bra Paint Protection

  • Can I buy a PPF kit from you or another company and install it myself?
Highly unlikely. Though a lot of on-line businesses sell clear bra kits, installing those requires a very skilled technician. Let's put it this way, when a new installer comes to his first day of training the first 10 kits he installs get ripped off the car and thrown into trash right away. You don't have 10 extra kits. 

  • Why 3M? I've read Xpel Ultimate is a pretty great paint protection film.
Please read through this page, watch some testing videos and decide for yourself. Xpel is a very decent film but it doesn't stand up to 3M Pro in most comparable parameters. we've tested a lot of available PPF brands and decided to stick exlusively with 3M.

  • I want to change the finish of my car to matte. Can I do it with 3M Pro Stealth matte PPF?
The material is available and we can install it but to change the finish of your car it is twice cheaper and 10 times better to go with a colour change wrap. Paint protection film is pretty thick and has several limitations for installation. It should be cut some distance away from the edge to prevent peeling. Wrap vinyl can be tucked in or wrapped around. So a vinyl wrap matte finish will always look better than a matte PPF car.
  • Should I do CERAMIC COATING on my car instead of Paint Protection Film?
Ceramic coating (any brand) is a namy for a fancy wax, not more than this. It makes the surface of your car more hydrofobic (repells water) for several months. It doesn's protect it from stone chips, scratches, dents to the least extent. In two years a car with a ceramic coating will look exacly like a car without it. A car with PPF on the other hand will look like brand new after removing the film.
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We are the Toronto 3M Pro-series PPF experts!


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