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Where should you wrap a Tesla in GTA?

Toronto Tesla car wrap company

Tesla car wrapping in Toronto

The first Tesla Model S that came to our shop was a Model S and it was in 2016. Then it was a novelty and of course we were excited to work on this amazing vehicle. The wrap was done in 3M matte dark Grey vinyl. Since then we lost count of the Tesla cars that we wrapped.

Since then we lost count of the Tesla cars that we wrapped. For the last couple years in fact Tesla has been the most common vehicle at our shop somehow. I think that the reasons for this are:

  • Tesla exterior is pretty boring and lacks distinctive features.When you are buying a car that costs over a 100K like Model X or Model S you want it to stand out on the road. The car’s dynamics is close if not better than that of a super car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari. But Lamborghini looks like an eye candy while your Model S resembles any other family sedan on the road. So you want to customize it a bit to make a statement on the road.
  • Tesla has a lot of chrome.  Can anyone tell Musk that chrome isn’t trendy these days? Thecurrent trend is to have all trim on the car in Black. Satin black usually but also can be matte or gloss. This is why we do so many chrome black-out (dechrome) jobs on Tesla vehicles.
  • Finally, the paint used on Teslas is very soft. I guess it has to meet California environmental regulations and therefore they just can’t add enough hardening chemicals into the paint. The result is the paint job on a very expensive car that stays in good shape for 2-3 years max. We’ve seen a couple tesla cars just couple years old that had most of the clear coat on the front bumper just gone. Abrasion and stone chips get to these cars faster than to most other car makes. The flat bumper almost perpendicular to the road sure doesn’t help with this. So you want to get your car covered with a car wrap or paint protection film as soon as possible after purchasing your brand new Tesla.

Did you know that 3M has become an official partner of the Tesla Motor Club – the largest Tesla owners community in the world?

3M products for car wrapping and paint protection are recommended to use on all Tesla cars.Custom Wraps is a certified 3M PPF Installation Company and a 3M Preferred graphics installation company. Leaving your car with us you can be sure that the quality standard will be outstanding!

What services we offer for Tesla car owners


Full vehicle wraps. Normally in some dark classy colour. Most Tesla owners are very far from putting some neon raspberry obscenity on this vehicle and so are we.

Prices for a full Tesla wrap are lower compared to most other cars and start at just 3000$+tax. Tesla has glass roof, not many trim pieces that need to be taken off the car and fairly simple contours. This is why we can complete an average Tesla car wrap in 2 days (12 hours on average) without any problems.  

Model S 3M Satin Dark Grey
Avery Satin Black Rock Grey
Model 3 3M Satin Pearl White
Model S 3M Satin Black


We can wrap all chrome trim and emblems on the car in black vinyl.Satin, Matte or Gloss. It gives the car a more sporty, aggressive look. There is a lot of chrome on tesla model S and X so the job takes one full day and is a bit more expensive than on other cars.

The most difficult thing is to dechrome the mirror bases. These things are chrome and are of absolutely crazy shape. Each mirror takes around an hour. We have a lot experience with them.

Model S trim black-out
Model X trim black-out
Model X full dechrome
Model 3 trim black-out


Paint Protection Film installation. Even if you are absolutely happy with your Tesla’s factory look, protecting the paint on it is a must.And you have to do it ASAP after the purchase.

We recommend applying 3M Scotchgard Pro-series to the full front section of the car including the hood, bumper and fenders. You can check out the prices for our PPF packages here.Full Front PLUS package is the most popular for Model S and Model X. Full Front package is more popular with tesla Model 3 owners. 

Model 3 PPF installation
Model 3 PPF complete
Model X PPF installation
Model X PPF complete

Bring your tesla to CUSTOM WRAPS TORONTO for the service it deserves!

Do you want to wrap, customize or install PPF on your Tesla?