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At Custom Wraps we spend a lot of time constantly training, evolving installation techniques, researching materials and best practices. We are happy to educate our customers on everything car wrapping related.

When we started, there were 5 car wrap companies in Toronto. Now there is about 30. You can get a decent job at 3 of them, may be. 15 of them will be permanently closed in the next year. 20 more will open.
So how much do you like your car for this type of gamble?

There is more than a few ways to customize a car. Of course we believe that doing a chrome wrap is probably the easiest way to add some bling to a Lamborghini. But what if you don't want to go with a full wrap? There is a number of reasons not to. May be it is too expensive, may be you like the original colour of your car, may be you just want to add some

From the perspective of someone who has been in the wrapping industry for over a decade I can say that the most time consuming, stressful and tricky stage of any commercial vehicle wrap project is the design stage. The main reason for this is that design is always is subject to personal taste preferences.  What one person can see as “bold”, the other sees as “tasteless”. Trying to get into your client’s head can be very time consuming and aggravating

For a change, we decided to make a meaningful “About us” page. Too often it is neglected and filled with generic phrases. Not that it gives any chances that people will actually read it.

Ok, so here are few words about the company, business model and commitments.

Toronto car wrapping market is overcrowded. There are many companies and new emerge every year.

To get to where we are right now it

Hey, I thought that like with paint, vinyl wrap can be applied to pretty much anything? Right?

Wrong. Wrapping is not painting. It is an absolutely different process and it should be thought about in a different way. Quite a few quote requests we receive are for something that can't be done. Let's dig deeper into this problem.

We are specializing in luxury cars wraps. Premium materials and unsurpassed installation quality.


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