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At Custom Wraps we spend a lot of time constantly training, evolving installation techniques, researching materials and best practices. We are happy to educate our customers on everything car wrapping related.

Few facts. Vehicle wrap industry is booming. More companies include having their vehicles branded in the must-have list and more people are looking into adding some personality to their car by doing a colour change wrap. Think about it, major manufacturers of wrap vinyl have more than doubled the choice of colours just within the last 2 years. Why? Because everyone wants it! Here comes the problem. Only industry specialists really have an understanding of how the whole process

There is more than a few ways to customize a car. Of course we believe that doing a chrome wrap is probably the easiest way to add some bling to a Lamborghini. But what if you don't want to go with a full wrap? There is a number of reasons not to. May be it is too expensive, may be you like the original colour of your car, may be you just want to add some

Hey, I thought that like with paint, vinyl wrap can be applied to pretty much anything? Right?

Wrong. Wrapping is not painting. It is an absolutely different process and it should be thought about in a different way. Quite a few quote requests we receive are for something that can't be done. Let's dig deeper into this problem.

Being a total novelty just 3 years ago with only one car wrapped in silver chrome in Canada, now most of the people can say that they've spotted a shiny luxury car here and there at least once or twice. Chrome wraps are a hot topic now. This is probably the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd. One thing you should realize is that a chrome wrap is not an ordinary wrap at all. Having one is

If you are a pro hunter, fisherman or just spend a lot of times outdoors and like to blend in with the surrounding nature we can offer you a full camouflage wrap of any type of vehicle.

Trucks, cars, ATV's, off-road vehicles camo wrap will also protect your paint from scratches that are so easy to get in the wild.

We are specializing in luxury cars wraps. Premium materials and unsurpassed installation quality.


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