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Wraps FAQ

Car wraps FAQ

Car wraps FAQ

What exactly is car wrapping?

Wrapping is a process of applying special vinyl film on the painted surface of a vehicle. The vinyl can be either white with image printed on it and laminated on top or it can be manufactured colour change vinyl that comes in a variety of colours from the manufacturer. The vinyl has self adhesive layer that sticks to the surface. When heat is applied to the film, it can be stretched and conformed to the curves of the car.

 Is it better to paint a car or wrap it?

This is a wrong question. Wrapping can only to a certain extent be considered a substitute to painting. Absolutely different reasons when getting either of these done. Painting is a permanent thing that can’t be done on a brand new car unless you are ok with losing a lot of the resale value. Wrapping is technically a temporary product that gives a unique look and finish without damaging and rather protecting the existing  paint job of the car. In short, wrap is for customizing of an otherwise perfect condition vehicle, painting is for repairs of damaged parts mostly.

What is cheaper: repainting the whole car or wrapping it?

Again, very wrong question (see above). Different purpose processes. But just to give an idea, a proper paint job at any official dealership will be around 7000$+tax. A wrap will be less than half of this price.

What is the life expectancy of a wrap?

3-4 years typically. After this time normal wear like scratches will affect the look of your vehicle.

For printed commercial wraps the life expectancy is close to 8 years. Life span of a wrap will also depend on after care a lot. Vinyl is a pretty delicate product so it needs to be washed from time to time and it is also advised to use special spray on products for protection.

Is it removable? Will it damage my car when removed?

All wraps are 100% removable with guaranteed no damage to the OEM paint  of the car. In fact a wrap is a great protection for the paint of your vehicle.

Please note that paint can be damaged on parts that have been repaired and repainted (non-OEM paint job)

How much does a wrap cost?

The prices vary depending on the vehicle, colour, material, complexity of the job, design etc. A quality colour change wrap for a smaller car will start at 1800$+tax and can go as high as 8000$+tax for chrome wraps. Commercial graphics wraps are in the 3000$+tax range for a van or SUV.

Is there a cheaper wrap?

No. Most of the wrapping vinyls (3M, Avery, Arlon etc.) cost about the same so there is no way to save on the material. Labour part is the largest chunk of the price. Wrapping is a very complicated process requiring a lot of time of very skilled installers.

How long does it take to wrap a car?

This depends on the car, wrap type, vinyl, trim etc. A commercial wrap takes around 10 hour to install for most cars. A colour change wrap takes from 12 to 36 hours to complete depending on the car. We normally need your car at our shop for 2-3 days.

Can I wrap a car myself? Do you sell wrap vinyl?

No and no! Wrapping is super difficult. All our installers had special training and years of hands-on experience. This is definitely not a DYI project. And this is exactly why we don’t sell vinyl for wraps.

How durable are wraps? Any problems in snow, hot sun etc.?

Quite durable but a bit softer than paint. Stone chips can make holes on the front bumper section. 

No weather related problems can occur to a wrapped car. Vinyl is not damaged by cold or hot temperatures.

How do I wash a car with a wrap on it? Can I polish or wax it?

There are several types of approved car washes. You can wash a wrapped can using hand wash with soap and water and a sponge, you can use touchless car wash, you can use pressure washer as long as you keep the nozzle at least 12” away from the surface under 90 degree angle to it.

Never use soft cloth mechanical car washes! They can damage the vinyl.

Polishing is not recommended. You can wax gloss wraps and should avoid doing this with satin or matte wraps.

Spray on products containing liquid wax are good for most types of wraps.

No special after care is recommended for commercial graphics wrap. Just washing.

Don’t let the salt sit on the surface of a wrap in winter for a long time! It can damage the film.

Are there limitations to what vehicles wraps can be done on?

Yes, there are. Please read more about what shouldn’t be wrapped here .