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Camo wraps

Camo wrap Toronto

Camo car wraps Toronto

If you are a pro hunter, fisherman or just spend a lot of times outdoors and like to blend in with the surrounding nature we can offer you a full camouflage wrap of any type of vehicle.

Trucks, cars, ATV's, off-road vehicles camo wrap will also protect your paint from scratches that are so easy to get in the wild.

We offer several seamless textures for camouflage wraps suitable for any vehicle. Some camo types like urban camo will look great even on a sports car that never leaves the city.

Basically there are 2 options for camo patterns:

1. Non-licensed patterns (see below). These we print in house on premium 3M wrapping vinyl. This is an affordable

recommended option. Full car wraps start fromm 3000$+tax. 

2. Licensed patterns (Mossy Oak and Realtree). We can't print these patterns in house. The wrapping vinyl either has to be ordered

directly from Realtree or 3M in case with Mossy Oak. The material is just the same 3M vinyl that we print but because it is a licensed 

product it costs whopping 5 times more expensive than what we do. A full car wrap in a licensed camo pattern starts at 5500$+tax.

Of course we always advise to go with a non-licensed option but it is up to you.


click to view available camouflage wrap patterns


Urban camo wrap patterns

Desert camouflage wrap patterns

Things to know about the colour change wrap process:

  • We can offer gloss or matte finish for the wrap.
  • Wrap vinyl is very durable. Snow and rain don't damage it.
  • The wrap doesn't damage the OEM paint of the car and can be removed any time without problems.
  • We give 1 year full warranty on our wraps including any vinyl liftings and peelings that can possibly occur.
  • All the materials are warrantied for 5 years

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