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About us

About Us

About Us

About Our Company

For a change, we decided to make a meaningful “About us” page. Too often it is neglected and filled with generic phrases. Not that it gives any chances that people will actually read it.

Ok, so here are few words about the company, business model and commitments.

Toronto car wrapping market is overcrowded. There are many companies and new emerge every year.

To get to where we are right now it takes some effort and some distinctive features.

So what makes Custom Wraps Toronto any different from any other guy in the business?

 To start, the person behind the gig. Wrapping is not a corporate type of business and it always matter whom you are dealing with. The right person makes the difference.

So the company was started by me,  Alex Severin, in 2010. I am a professional graphics installer working for the biggest world brands like Loblaws, Nike, Guess, Coach, H&M, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and so on. 


I have been in this business since 2002. I hold every possible certification available in this industry in Canada being a 3M preferred installer, Avery certified wrap installer, Arlon certified installer and 3M paint protection film certified installer. I am proud that I was the first PDAA master Certified Installer in Canada (the highest certification level in the USA).
wrapping installer certifications


You can tell quality DOES matter to me. Being one of the top installers in the nation, I control every single wrap being done at my shop. All the installers that work for us are certified by either 3M or Avery or both. Plus I run hands-on trainings with each of them to make sure they are using the techniques approved by me (3M and Avery standard requirements are not always enough).

Here are a few key “features” of Custom Wraps:

  • We are "ANAL". Every wrap has to be done right by the book. Period! I don’t allow my guys to cut corners at any stage of the process. This almost completely eliminates warranty claims.
  • We are bluntly HONEST. If the wrap you want is not actually what you need or if we think you don’t need it at all, we are the only place you will actually hear it from. Money is not worthy getting the client to pay for a crappy product.
  • We are SELECTIVE. We select what we want to wrap. Don’t wrap bikes, ATV’s, old cars, red, yellow and orange cars etc. If we know that the result will be sub-par, we don’t want to do the job.
  • We are FAST. Me and my installers are super professionals who are able to wrap your vehicle way faster than most other places. On an average, commercial wrap – 1 day, colour change wrap – 2 days.
  • We DON'T TRY TO BE THE CHEAPEST. A wrap is not something where you can get a great discount.You get what you pay for. Cheap wrap will mean cheap material, bad installation causing vinyl peeling and bubbling, damage to the vehicle. Our installers are the best in this city and this comes at a price.

 Finally, the wrapping part is only around 20% of the overall business. We do it for the love of the game mostly. We love doing the best car wraps in Toronto! Come and check it out for yourself!