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Commercial vehicle graphics. Van wraps. Truck wraps.


Key facts about printed vehicle wraps we do

    • In-house process. We design, print and install everything at our shop.
    • Best material.  For all our wraps we use 3M wrapping vinyl with 3M laminate. It is the best material on the market that has been industry standard for decades.  
    • Removable. All our wraps are 100% safe for any vehicle with OEM paint. They can be removed at any time without damage.
    • Long lasting. 3M IJ180 which we use for our wraps is a superb product that easily lasts 7-8 years on vehicles.
    • Great warranty. We give 1-year installation and 5-year material warranty.
    • Fast. Most commercial wraps can be installed in just 1 day.  

The new standard for car signs - vehicle wraps

It has been proven that a wrapped car generates more impressions for the price than any other advertising method. Think about it, a company having a fleet of vehicles can generate up to 30000 views a day on a single vehicle in a big city like Toronto! Everything you need to do is to wrap the company's fleet.
We at Custom Wraps specialize in van wrapstruck wrapscommercial printed graphics. We use only top quality materials, only certified installers with many years if experience and provide the most professional services on the market.
A commercial wrap has several stages: quote preparation, graphics layout creation and approval, printing, installation. During every step we apply our quality control procedures making sure that the 1 year warranty that we give you
really stands for the quality of your vehicle's wrap.

Certified vehicle wrap installation company
Best wrapping company in GTA award
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What is the cost of a commercial wrap?

Pricing is individual and depends on several factors

Things to consider: WRAPS ARE NOT CHEAP. Wrapping an average take a couple weeks for design, a day for printing and 2 days for installation. We use only 3M premium viny too. 
Please note that we do FULL VEHICLE PRINTED WRAPS ONLY! We don't have the capacity for partial wraps, decals or lettering. 
The main thing that can influence the cost of a wrap is if the client is providing print-ready designs files for it or we have to create the design.  

SUV wrap cost

(Full coverage. Perforated vinyl on windows. Design provided by client)
from 3500$+tax

VAN wrap cost

(Standard length, high roof. Full coverage. Design provided by client )
from 4000$+tax

How the process works

Here is an example of how we typically approach commercial wrap process:
  • The client gets a quote same day he requrested it. 
  • After the quote is approved the client makes a 20% deposit and signs a work order after which the DESIGN stage stars. it takes around a week or two depending on the difficulty. The client can also provide their own design or have one ordered through 99DESIGNS
  • After the design is finalized we print the wrap on 3M IJ180 premium vinyl and laminate is with 3M overlaminate for protection. Printing takes 1-2 days.
  • The customer drops off the vehicle and we do the wrap INSTALLATION. Takes 1 or 2 days depending on the car.
  • The customer inspects the wrap, pays the balance and picks it up. 

Commercial vehicle wraps in Toronto.


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