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The most popular car wrap option

Matte Black Car Wrap

Matte Black Car Wraps

Did you know that the actual "matte black" vinyl is almost never used for this type of wraps any more? there are way better alternatives - Satin Black, Matte and Satin Dark Grey, Matte Charcoal Grey etc. These colours look better and are way easier to maintain clean.

During the last few years, there have been several vehicle wraps types that were gaining popularity very fast. The leading of them is for sure the matte black wrap. Without any doubt great looking and catching a lot of attention a car wrapped in matte black always stands out yet retaining high style.

Matte black is probably the only wrap that is very often applied to  luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Lexus and Maserati. It is probably the most challenging but at the same time most spectacular type of wrap that CustomWraps.ca does.

The latest trend when people are buying a car is personal customizing it. However now it has nothing to do with what it used to be 10 years ago. Anything that goes on a vehicle now must be either OEM or as close to it as possible.
Not so long ago it became possible to make a complete colour change of any car without painting it. How? The answer is - wrapping it.

We at CustomWraps.ca can wrap your car and give it pretty much any colour you want. This of course includes the most awesome custom finishes like carbon fiber, matte black and matte white.
What is so great about matte black wrap? First of all most vehicles just look awesome. Remember, only a couple manufacturers now actually paint their vehicles with matte black paint. Not much, but we are talking about BMW and Mercedes here.



We can achieve the same stunning look for your car without putting a drop of paint on it! Using the most technologically advanced materials on the market by 3M, Hexis, Avery we are doing professional wraps for customers in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

Things you need to know about matte black wrap:

  • The car remains fully washable after getting a wrap. You can use any type of car wash but for sure you shouldn't polish any textured surface including carbon fiber and matte black
  • The wrap doesn't damage the paint of your car. Yes, you can wrap a leased vehicle. More than that, a matte black wrap offers some chip and scratch protection.
  • The matte black wrap is absolutely removable. If you decide to change the colour of your car in the future(who knows what will be trendy in 5 years. Matte yellow with blue polka dots?) we will remove all the wrap vinyl from your car without any problems.
  • Our installers are 3M preferred which means you can entrust the most expensive cars to CustomWraps.ca with no worries. Being 3M certified means the highest recognition for vinyl installers. To get the certification they need year

of experience, special training at 3M facilities and passing a rigorous testing that takes about 20 hours itself.

Only 3M preferred installers can actually apply OEM vinyl decals and wraps at the dealerships because it is a part of the warranty. Watch out, there are quite a bit of amateurs in the business and you don't want to give your expensive car to them to avoid disappointment and costly reprinting.

We can wrap your whole car in matte black but also can do partial wraps and combined wraps. Watte black looks really great combined with gloss black or matte white. We can achieve some really stunning results and make your car really unique.

A matte wrap comes with 1 year free warranty.


About 60% of all cars that we do are wrapped in shades of black and dark grey. Do you want to have your car wrapped in MATTE BLACK?