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Being a total novelty just 3 years ago with only one car wrapped in silver chrome in Canada, now most of the people can say that they've spotted a shiny luxury car here and there at least once or twice. Chrome wraps are a hot topic now. This is probably the ultimate way to stand out from the crowd.

One thing you should realize is that a chrome wrap is not an ordinary wrap at all. Having one is a big decision and most likely it will be a good idea for a show car but not for an every day vehicle.

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Wraps questions and answers

Frequently asked questions about car wraps.

What exactly is car wrapping?

Wrapping is a process of applying special vinyl film on the painted surface of a vehicle. The vinyl can be either white with image printed on it and laminated on top or it can be manufactured colour change vinyl that comes in a variety of colours from the manufacturer. The vinyl has self adhesive layer that sticks to the surface. When heat is applied to the film, it can be stretched and conformed to the curves of the car.

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3M chipguard car paint protection

toronto clear bra paint protection film

A car is a valuable asset for its owner yet it is impossible to keep it stored securely 100% of all the time. Scratches, stone chips, minor dents can spoil the outlook of your car. Now there is a great solution to protect your car's paint. There are many ways to call it : chip guard, stone guard, scothguard, clear bra. In fact this method means applying a layer of thick yet optically invisible clear protective film on the most vulnerable parts of your car: hood, morrors, bumper, fenders, side skirts etc.

See how an inexpensive and fast solution can really help to preserve your car's immaculate outlook.

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Decals and vehicle lettering

vehicle lettering and decals in toronto

Vehicles were branded long before vinyl was introduced for making the decals. At first the lettering was added by sign writers who at that time would actually draw graphics on the surface of the car.

Now the technology has advanced big time allowing us to actually wrap the whole surface of the most complex shaped vehicle in digitally printed graphics. This is pretty great although, let's be honest, quite expensive. A full wrap for a van can cost around 3000$. But a lot of contractors, electricians, plumbers and other trades don't really need to stun people in the street and catch their attention with elaborate graphics. All the need is to put their logo on a truck or van and add contact information allowing the people write it down when they need it.

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