Full colour change wrap matte black, carbon fiver, gloss black, chrome.

Full car colour change wrap

Full colour change wrap in Toronto


The latest trend in full body wraps is full colour change of a car. If several years ago it was more of an expensive novelty, today the big leap made by the wrap vinyl producing companies made it possible to talk about changing your vehicle's colour as of something quite ordinary. We can offer a selection of more than a hundred different colours including gloss, matte, metallic, carbon fiber even chrome and chameleon.

What's more important, we can do a full wrap of your car professionally, with a warranty and in just 1 or 2 days.

Our preference when it comes to vinyl choice has always been 3M 1080 series. This is the best material available on the market to this day. Best quality, adhesion, durability. 

Here you are getting a unique opportunity to explore all the 3M wrapping film colours yourself using our exclusive 3D colour selector.

3D 3M wrap vinyl film colours selector

Here you will find the colour charts of the main wrapping vinyl manufacturers we work with - 3M, Avery and Hexis.

3M 1080 series Avery supreme wrapping film


Things to know about the colour change wrap process:

    • It takes 8 to 20 hours to do a full colour change wrap depending on a car model and vinyl type.

    •  The most challenging colour change is black to white and white to black.

    •  Wrap vinyl is very durable. Snow and rain don't damage it.

    •  The wrap doesn't damage the OEM paint of the car and can be removed any time without problems

    •  Chrome wrap is the most expensive type of wrap out there.

    •  We give 1 year full warranty on our wraps including any vinyl liftings and peelings that can possibly occur.

        All the materials are warrantied for 5 years

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