Commercial wraps

Commercial wraps

It has been proven that a wrapped car generates more impressions for the price than any other advertising method. Think about it, a company having a fleet of vehicles can generate up to 30000 views a day on a single vehicle in a big
city like Toronto! Everything you need to do is to wrap the company's fleet.
We at specialize in any cars, trucks, vans commercial wraps. We use only top quality materials, only certified installers with many years if experience and provide the most professional services on the market.

A commercial wrap has several stages: quote preparation, graphics layout creation and approval, printing, installation. During every step we apply our quality control procedures making sure that the 1 year warranty that we give you
really stands for the quality of your vehicle's wrap.

There are several ways to brand a standard vehicle:

  • Cut lettering application on doors, windows, hoods and other parts. The most inexpensive method. For medium impact. Not recommended on leased vehicles.
  • One way vision perforated vinyl applied to the rear and back side windows of a vehicle. Great for realtors, financial consultants and related businesses. Medium impact.
  • Partial wrap. In many cases it is enough to wrap just a part of a vehicle to achieve stunning results saving quite a bit at the same time. E.g. if the car is white and the graphics background is white we can not wrap the hood,
    roof, bumpers. Savings of around 1000$. Full impact.
  • Full wrap. The whole car body is covered with graphics. Best impact.
  • Full wrap with reflective vinyl. A new trend in commercial wraps. The graphics looks normal during day time and reflects light at night generating more impressions and getting more attention. Superb impact.

Important things to know about a commercial wrap:

  • The wrap can be applied to most existing models of vehicles even with the most complex curves.
  • The wrap is fully removable. Can be applied to leased vehicles without restrictions.
  • The wrap doesn't damage the paint.
  • Wrapping a car, a can or a truck requires leaving a car at our facility for 1-2 days.
  • A wrap comes with 1 year comprehensive warranty and up to 5 years material warranty.

Our installers are 3M certified. This will insure you from vinyl peeling off, cuts and scratches of the paint during the installation, graphics misalignment. We guaranty the wrap being performed at the highest standards. We wrap the
most expensive brand new cars for the dealerships so why trust your fleet to someone less experienced than

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