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Car tinting

3M Automotive Window Films

Toronto car tinting company

Why 3M tint is the best on the market?

    • Industry standard. 3M was the first company to get the patent for tinting film back in 1966. Since them it produces the best automotive film in the world.
    • Constant innovation.  3M tint uses the latest technology backed by company's unmatched research and technology labs with conducting vigorous testing.
    • Superior specs. Most tests show that 3M surpases competitors' products in most charachteristics like UV and infrared rejection, colour retaining its depth over time, scratch resistance etc.
    • Up to 95% heat rejection with nano-ceramic technology. Most films provide perfect block for the harmful UV rays but only few can offer as much infrared energy rejection as the 3M ceramic tint.
    • Long lasting. 3M film main advantage is that it is actually lasting way longer in real life conditions. 3M automotive film is backed by the most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What tinting products we offer

From the very start in 2011 Custom Wraps we decided to stick with the industry leading products only. This is why we prefer 3M products for pretty much everything that we do  - car wraps, PPF, ceramic coating and of course tint. 
3M films have become OEM at factories and dealerships across the globe for a number of reasons. They are tested, proven, last a long time, don't damage your car and are backed by the warranty that actually works.

We carry two flagship 3M lines of tinting film - Nano-carbon Colour Stable series and Ceramic IR series. You can compare the charachteristics of these two below on this page.

In plain words to make the choice easier, Colour Stable is the most popular choice because it looks amazing with deep black colour that gives a lot of privacy, it never turns purple like cheaper dye films, it has great solar energy rejection rating and is budget friendly.

Ceramic IR film is a premium option that has two main advantages. it has absolutely insane infrared energy rejection characteristics which keeps to keep your car cooler when it is hot outside. Also it is more scratch-resistant than almost any other film. Ceramic tint is more expensive than nano-carbon.
Best wrapping company in GTA award
Official 3M CERTIFIED  Graphics and PPF Installation company.

Colour Stable

Ceramic IR

3M Tint Pricing

2 top tier 3M product lines superior quality, UV and IR rejection, glare reduction and scratch-resistance.

Life-time material warranty. 1 year installation warranty.

3M trained and certified installers. Genuine 3M material only.

Precise car patterns are used for computer cut kits

* Please note that these prices are accurate for 95% of all vehicles but may vary from car to car depending on the size of windows, necessary extar time for cleaning and door panel disassembly, complexity of contours etc. To get an exact price for your car please ask for a free quote. 

Questions about car tinting

  • Why are your prices sometimes higher than what I see on Kijiji for tinting?
First of all we use only premium 3M tint which sometimes can be 5 to 10 times more expensive than cheap Chinese dye film other guys are using. Cheap films will very soon loose clarity, start peeling and bubbling. 
Also we don't offer any mobile services. We operate from our state-of-the-art shop that has all the latest equipment and technology is super clean and has a waiting area for clients.
  • Can I wait at your shop while you work on my car?
Absolutely! We have a nice waiting area with comfortable couches, TV, Netflix, free Wi-Fi and a cofee station. For full car tin though the installation time can be between 3 and 6 hours so it is up to you if you want to stick around for that long.
One thing we don't allow is clients staying at the installation bay while we work on the car.
  • Do you hand-cut film for tinting or use computer software?
We do both depending on the car and the particular window. We use 3M film cutting software and our plotter for most side-windows and for most rear windows we use bulk film trimmed by hand. On rear and front windshields the film has to be shrunk with heat a lot which is hard to do with pre-cut piece.
  • What should I expect after the tint is installed on my car?
Tinting film has special clear hard adhesive that takes up to 3 weeks to fully cure. For the first 3-5 days it is reccomended not to roll your windows up and down. 
For up to the first 2 weeks there may be minor water residue, water bubbles or white hazing noticeable under the film. This is absolutely normal and is a part of the adhesive curing. 
When installed properly, 3 weeks fter the installation the film has to be clear, not peeling at the edges with no creases, bubbles or large dirt particles stuck under the film. Very small specs of dust are unavoidable. They should be small enough to be invisible unless you are 2 feet or closer to the surface of the glass.
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