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vehicle lettering and decals in toronto

Vehicles were branded long before vinyl was introduced for making the decals. At first the lettering was added by sign writers who at that time would actually draw graphics on the surface of the car.

Now the technology has advanced big time allowing us to actually wrap the whole surface of the most complex shaped vehicle in digitally printed graphics. This is pretty great although, let's be honest, quite expensive. A full wrap for a van can cost around 3000$. But a lot of contractors, electricians, plumbers and other trades don't really need to stun people in the street and catch their attention with elaborate graphics. All the need is to put their logo on a truck or van and add contact information allowing the people write it down when they need it.


So for a simple aim we have a simple and cost-effective solution. We can print, cut and install any decals and vehicle lettering. We are not limited only to preset amount of colours how it was several years ago in the signage infustry. With our equipment we can actually print any desired colour for the lettering.

A big plus with car signs is that the installation just takes around an hour to put let's say two big decals on a van's sides and some decals on the back.

For the decals we use the car wrapping premium vinyl. It holds great on the surface and can be removed when needed without damaging the surface of the vehicle. Big deal actually, regular signage vinyl is not intended for vehicle graphics and will cause damage to the paint when removed.

Another easy way to put some advertising on a car without paying too much and without risking to damage a leased vehicle is to cover the rear window with graphics. The interesting thing about it is that it is printed on a high-tech product - one-way-vision perforated vinyl with optically clear overlaminate. When we print your graphics on it, on the outside it is an image but looking from inside you see through it which makes no problems for safe driving.

This option is very popular on cars and is used a lot by realtors.

If you are looking for a bigger impact but are on budget, you might consider a partial wrap as an option. Not many people realize that for example wrapping the whole side of a car like Ford Focus takes as much time as wrapping just one bumper on the same car. And the bumper normally doesn't even bears any important information or images! So why not wrap half a car or one quarter of it? With a decent design it will work just as good as a full wrap in many cases.

The design charges though are the same for a full or a partial wrap. So when dealing with partial coverage it really works out best when it is done for a fleet of vehicles or the client provides a ready layout we can work with.

So are you looking for a cost-effective graphics solution for your vehicle? Let's start with filling in the quote request form!



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